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the day i must never forget...

aaja mero medicine ko ward exam! hijo community field exam thiyo.. ramro bhayo. better than i had expected. tara aaja ko din, THE DAY TO REMEMBER..8 baje ward pugey.... 8:30 ma short case.- respiratory examination... ramrai bhayo.. then was the next case, my diagnosis was Kalazar, rahechha congenital hemolytic disease....!! just because the sister in the ward, told me the diagnosis... and that turned out to be wrong....... Teacher le then told me " i thought you were much better!" ani at about 2 PM went to have my meal, ani then back to ward..... from 2:30 to 8, i waited.... .. mero VIVA started at 8:00 and ended in 8:20.. ani those 20 mins... i wont ever forget.... he was expecting much from me, but i couldnt answer none of the questions properly... then he started asking simple questions.... depressed so much from my performance... i couldnt answer them either... then he said.." yesari ta medicine ma hudaina, padhnu parchha, why didnt you study?" .. tyo bela sa