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dashai tihar pachi

dashai pani sakiyo.. tihar pani.. dashai was a bit booooring.... kathmandu ko dashai.. kasto hos ta? i dont exactly know what i did between dashai and tihar... boys hostel... daroo... cards... and i know none! I spent quite a bit of time in emergency.... and sometimes till the residents said.. 'dont u have a room in hostel?' hehe... I love to work in the emergency.. i love helping out the patients.. this way i get to spend 'quality' time... atleast i think this is better than wasting time watching TV... but the drawback of spending time in ER is that i am detached with my friends.. lets say... i dont know about them.. and neither they do about me... Another thing i did was surfing the internet... thanks to TIM and YAHELITE.... yahoo chat rooms did help me spend some time,... you might be thinking about my studies.. well.... hehe.. i did go to the lectures...:) Now my plans are: Work sincerely for the Parikrama annual magazine. Then STUDY for the 7th sem. I want to s