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Inaruwa Banda Cha

aja inaruwa field posting hunu parne ho. tara madhesi mukti ko naam ma bato banda cha. so spending my time here @ library. :) life's good...

after a long long time.

india tour पनि सकियो । full of emotions! रमाइलो भयो । 7th सेमेस्टरमा पक्का फैल हुन्छु भन्या त पास भएं । time just flies by... final year ! 2 sems. to go. manchhe le sadhai afu lai discover gardai jado raicha... i am knowing new things about myself these days... my weaknesses.... hehe.. i do have a lot of those things. BPKIHS is always a happening place... basketball... khukhura cup! football... new rumors and new stories... Subhas dai pani janey bela bhai sakyo... he will be finishing his internship in 20 days... but still life goes on..... samata ra mero missed call sessions... .... a wild thought.. what if i could see myself 10 years from now.. ?