Poorest Country

I was just flipping through the pages of one of those WHO magazines that remain 'untouched' in our library. Though these magazines are 'good' to look at, but i think not more than 3 people had really gone through that since it was 'received' here.

This magazine was about the "Progress of Health in Developing Countries"....
One of the pages  had a picture of an old lady,  smoking and looked as if she was  just bones  and flesh. The story was of Nepal's TB Program that has been considered successful. The page started like..."Nepal, one of the poorest country in the world with most places out of reach..."

Then I looked around.. there was a girl with her pink Motorola SLVR ....... a guy clicking pics of his girlfriend on his N95....... and guys surfing the internet on the latest Sony Notebooks!!!

Irony... is the word.. isn't it?


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