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Youv'e Got Mail

...sometimes i wonder... well... if i hadn't been fox books, and you hadn't been the shop around the corner... you and i had just met... i would have asked for your number... and wouldn't have waited 24 hours for calling you up and saying.. "hi.. how about coffee.. or some drinks or... a movie... for as long as we both shall live..." and you and i had never been in war and anything we would fight about would be which movie we should watch saturday night.. if only... let me ask you something.. how can you forgive this guy for standing you up.. and not forgive me for this tiny little thing.. putting you off business... i wish you would.... then..... I wanted it to be you... i wanted it to be you so badly.... (Beautiful... isnt it?)

my chat log

(09:52:08 AM) soakar: kina (09:52:10 AM) soakar: dr saheb (09:53:27 AM) abishadh: sadhai online huney medical student.. hehe. tyo pani final year ko. (09:53:50 AM) soprakar: ani kina ta yeso (09:54:36 AM) abishadh: class cancel bhayo.. LAN ko line thiyo.. maile ta connect garey (09:55:17 AM) soakar: hehe (09:55:21 AM) soakar: badmas padhne (09:55:28 AM) sorakar: pachi biramilai dhoka hola (09:55:41 AM) abishadh: hehe (09:59:54 AM) abishadh: la ma janchu yar, aba ward janu parcha.. (10:00:25 AM) soakar: ok (10:00:25 AM) soakar: bye (10:00:31 AM) soakar: take care {saachi dhoka hola ta patient haru lai?}

Synapse 2007

Intermedical college meet is going on here at Republic of Ghopa... 10 colleges.. and about 300 'foreigners'. Its fun roaming around the Litchi Ground and the basketball court... will post some pics as soon as the organisers give me the pics... though I clicked a few 'actions' in the football ground.

Using my Lappu!

My laptop is Compaq Presario V3000 series. It runs with AMD Athlon 64X2.. 1 GB RAM.. 160 GB HDD. I removed the Vista Basic.. and then installed Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty Fawn.. its really fun. working smooth... I'm feeling as if i've been recently married..... 'Chodne ka maan hi nahi karta hai yaar...'