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(03:29:47 PM) narayandang: Excellent Yeti ramro hola bhanera spcheko thiena. Dherai ramri 6. (03:31:54 PM) abishadh: :) ma administrator ho ni baba. i created it. (03:33:27 PM) narayandang: congratulation I am really proud of you. (03:34:06 PM) abishadh: thank you baba. (03:34:47 PM) narayandang: see you tomorrow.Keep messaging.Bye (03:34:52 PM) abishadh: bye baba (we were talking about parikrama website! ) :D so happy!! yappee!!


Expressions... Expectations... Emotions... Guilt.... Suffocation...


A palpitation is an awareness of the beating of the heart, whether it is too slow, too fast, or at its normal frequency; brought on by overexertion, alcohol, disease or drugs, or as a symptom of panic disorder. More colloquially, it can also refer to a shaking motion. I am having palpitations now. Yes, at this very moment, my heart is beating like anything! So, I surfed the internet, to diagnose the cause of my 'beating' heart. Possibly cause Palpitations includes: Arrhythmia : (I think my heart is fine, it is regular!) Heart disease: ( I am too young to have heart disease) Anemia: (I am red) Hyperthyroidism: (Possible! but why just today, it should have happened to me in past too.) Alcohol: (Haven't smelled alcohol since... umm.. let me remember... umm.. last month) Stress: ( I am cool.. ) Excitement: (I should have had palpitations when I was really excited... those moments..) Indigestion: (Really, I didnt know that! But I digest things pretty well.) Str