A palpitation is an awareness of the beating of the heart, whether it is too slow, too fast, or at its normal frequency; brought on by overexertion, alcohol, disease or drugs, or as a symptom of panic disorder. More colloquially, it can also refer to a shaking motion.

I am having palpitations now. Yes, at this very moment, my heart is beating like anything!

So, I surfed the internet, to diagnose the cause of my 'beating' heart.
Possibly cause Palpitations includes:

  • Arrhythmia : (I think my heart is fine, it is regular!)

  • Heart disease: ( I am too young to have heart disease)

  • Anemia: (I am red)

  • Hyperthyroidism: (Possible! but why just today, it should have happened to me in past too.)

  • Alcohol: (Haven't smelled alcohol since... umm.. let me remember... umm.. last month)

  • Stress: ( I am cool.. )

  • Excitement: (I should have had palpitations when I was really excited... those moments..)

  • Indigestion: (Really, I didnt know that! But I digest things pretty well.)

  • Strenuous exercise: (If climbing one floor is excercise...)

  • Fear: (of what? whom?... Never...)

  • Perimenopause ( Sorry, menstrual apparatus not available!)

  • Anxiety

  • Poor physical condition: ( Am I that thin?)

  • Hypoglycemia: (I had just taken some snacks!)

  • Certain drugs and substances: (Drugs.. no!)

  • Caffeine: (Yes! Could be, because I asked for 'extra strong' coffee at Neeva's this afternoon.)

So, Diagnosis made... I suffered caffine induced palpitations! Don't worry guys.. I am fine. :D


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