dated 24th jan 2008
time: 10 AM

The telemedicine service that has been runninng as a pilot project from BPKIHS since 1 month, 1 hour per working day.
Dr. Bijendra Rai has been appointed as the "consultant" here in the center and a AHW who has been trained for a week in 'telemedicine' runs the program in the periphery.

Things required for one station:
1. VSAT with Satellite Modem (1.5 Lacs NC)
2. Computer with Webcam (~50,000 NC)
3. Bandwidth (128/64) for 450$ per month
4. Trained personnels
5. Software Skype for video conferencing.

Lacking here:
1. As it is a pilot project, not that impressive.
2. They have just 'seen' 17 patients in 1.5 months.
3. Money is a big problem, does 900$ per month really get us anything?
4. If we could connect 'directly' we could save a lot of money. (not possible because of the hills)
5. New generation needed becuase old people aren't just interested.
6. Proper training required for the health worker working in the periphery.
7. Continuous monetary support is going to be a BIG problem.
8. Hardware support?


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