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(Originally from Jitesh: ) Its 4:50AM and the light is dim. Cup of chocolate is full to the brim. My heart is full of emotions. Excess chocolate always awakens Nothing new! It often happens But I can’t deny, something is different today. Something has struck deep and has broken the shell. There is a strong desire to speak to someone. No!!!!!!! Not to someone but just to you!! But…Why You?? I know your tears but not the eyes I know your smile but not the face I know your words but not the voice I know your name but not the identity I have never seen you, never heard you and never touched you. Then why this desire and Why you?? Perhaps I have an answer Perhaps a footprint must have a foot Perhaps you are not a lie but a truth Your unspoken words tell me that you exist. Not just in my dream but also on this mother earth. The cup is full to the brim. But it is not the chocolate that is in excess It is the love which is overflowin


I really hate to wait. I waited for someone for half hour, with empty stomach and 'exhausted' body today. You can guess how I might be feeling. Tried calling them, but the network was a strong barrier!


Friend: A person you know well and regard with affection and trust. affection ( ) n : a positive feeling of liking; trust ( ) n: certainty based on past experience. n: complete confidence in a person. n: expect with desire. 'Aakh hai bhari bhari, aur tum muskurane ki baat karte ho..'  was the song that was on the radio when I was sitting at Neeva's thinking how I am to adjust with the change in lifestyle. Searching for a 'positive' change this change is to bring. God bless the 'affection and trust.'

Passing MBBS..

'Samaya le manis lai kaha kaha puraucha....' I was about to have a cup of coffee with Bijay Dai at the Doko Restaurant, Putalisadak. My mobile started to vibrate, a vibration that brought the news... ' Abishey, ta pass bhais'.... and then.... A big smile... Then...? 'Yar.. malai ta kehi aaudaina,  ke garne yar...' hehe...