(Originally from Jitesh: http://khichadi.wordpress.com/category/the-emotional-fool/ )

Its 4:50AM and the light is dim.
Cup of chocolate is full to the brim.
My heart is full of emotions.
Excess chocolate always awakens
Nothing new! It often happens

But I can’t deny, something is different today.
Something has struck deep and has broken the shell.
There is a strong desire to speak to someone.
No!!!!!!! Not to someone but just to you!!

But…Why You??
I know your tears but not the eyes
I know your smile but not the face
I know your words but not the voice
I know your name but not the identity
I have never seen you, never heard you and never touched you.
Then why this desire and
Why you??

Perhaps I have an answer
Perhaps a footprint must have a foot
Perhaps you are not a lie but a truth
Your unspoken words tell me that you exist.
Not just in my dream but also on this mother earth.

The cup is full to the brim.
But it is not the chocolate that is in excess
It is the love which is overflowing.
The burden of love can no more be endured
The need to love exceeds the need to be loved.
This love is all yours, don’t let it drain
Take a sip and relieve my pain

Its still 4:50 AM
But soon the dawn would come again
Smiles would hide the pain again
Love would spill the cup again
Mind would rule the heart again
I don’t know when I would be Me again


I don't know who Jitesh is, don't know anything about him, but I do know these emotions. The same emotions, the same pain, the same expectations and the same 'defense mechanism'.

Cheers Jitesh, we share the same emotions...


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