Friend: A person you know well and regard with affection and trust.

affection (

n : a positive feeling of liking;

trust (

n: certainty based on past experience.

n: complete confidence in a person.

n: expect with desire.
'Aakh hai bhari bhari, aur tum muskurane ki baat karte ho..'  was the song that was on the radio when I was sitting at Neeva's thinking how I am to adjust with the change in lifestyle. Searching for a 'positive' change this change is to bring.
God bless the 'affection and trust.'


theCipher said…
Remember you had given me that song a way back... those were still the days of floppy disks... you splitted the song, somehow managed to store it within two disks and finally copied it to my PC and joined :)

I was on a hike few months back. We were on our way to the starting point which was near the Nuwakot district border. The song suddenly started playing in the van. It had been years since I last listened to the song. Brought back many memories. Wanted to thank you for the song... now I got the chance... cheers!

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