Passing MBBS..

'Samaya le manis lai kaha kaha puraucha....'

I was about to have a cup of coffee with Bijay Dai at the Doko Restaurant, Putalisadak. My mobile started to vibrate, a vibration that brought the news... ' Abishey, ta pass bhais'....
and then.... A big smile... Then...?
'Yar.. malai ta kehi aaudaina,  ke garne yar...'



Bijay said…
Hey Abish, its such a wonderful experience to get to know you. You are truely a nice and genuine person. Keep on it. We have many things to do together. And keep on thinking about what we talked when we met in KTM.

enjoy your time as a young doctor. have fun but always be responsible to your patients. ALWAYS.

ayoush said…
Always feel your patient's pain , be responsible, you will be a good doctor.& remember me.

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