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I use Wireless Modem from NTC and the only disadvantage is the cost per KB data transferred.. so I have started 'microbrowsing'.. is the file that you want to download to start microbrowsing. Just Un zip the files and then on the command line (*NIX or Windows) just type java -jar microemulator.jar Then just load the .jad files in the apps folder and start using the Java applications created for mobiles.. by doing that you get to browse and chat economically!

Remover for Stupid Worms

The worms that infect windows are really funny. Kinza, IPH, Boot.vbs... what not... Simple and Stupid worms... that make Windows go crazy.. I studied them, got 'inspired' by removal tools and tried some more... and here i give you a 'open source' .bat file that would remove those stupid stuffs... here is the file: download the file and run it.. here is the thing it does... cd\ shutdown -a taskkill /f /im wproxp.exe taskkill /f /im isetup.exe taskkill /f /im imapd.exe taskkill /f /im dxdlg.exe taskkill /f /im imapdb.exe taskkill /f /im imapd.exe taskkill /f /im imapdb.exe taskkill /f /im scvvhsot.exe taskkill /f /im wscript.exe taskkill /f /im Kinza.exe taskkill /f /im iph.exe taskkill /f /im iph.exe taskkill /f /im iph.exe taskkill /f /im iph.exe taskkill /f /im iph.exe taskkill /f /im iph.exe taskkill /f /im iph.exe reg add "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" /v Userinit /f /d "%windir%\system

Opening Docx

I have always been a 'lobby' for Open Source Softwares esp Linux(Ubuntu). My dad's computer has Office XP on Windows XP and recently he has been getting .docx attachments from his 'writers' around the world. And since the work has to complete and its already the 'eleventh hour', Microsoft's 'crypt' has to be decrypted asap, and here in my house my 'OpenOffice 2.4 on Ubuntu 8.04' helps. There are other ways to do that too.. The best way for Windows users who have a version of Microsoft Office installed is to install the Microsoft compatibility pack for previous Office versions that adds .docx support in Microsoft Word. The best approach for users that do not use Microsoft Office, including Mac and Linux users, would be to use one of the several online converters that convert docx files into doc. Windows users could also download the Word Viewer application from Microsoft that opens .docx documents properly but cannot alter them. But onc


I Remember this scene from the movie 'Jane Tu...' What is the 'thing' in Jay's hand which he is trying to share with Aditi? Yes, its Toblerone... I had watched this movie on a DVD around 4 times and I hadn't noticed the chocolate, but as I watched the same movie at the theater today, I could recognize the stick! I love toblerone, and one of the reason is 'it's' presence on Dr. Bhagwan Koirala's table. (Thanks to the City Post) I googled around to find that Toblerone was created by Theodor Tobler in 1908. He is possibly dead by now... but I always remember him when i see that chocolate. Mr  Tobler, may you rest in peace... :)

Was that a compliment?

It was the morning round in the Medicine-II ward and it was raining outside... 4 consultants, some residents and 5 of us... the interns... Topic of discussion.. the products of BPKIHS are not good in Pharmacology.... I was standing in front of the teacher, and I knew I was getting the 'test' question.... I couldn't save myself... Question fired.... "Classify Penicillins".... Blank look... counted my toes.... and showed my teeth... question passed to other interns, no answers yet... and finally one of the residents answered... And our professor said.. "you are interested in IT right?" and it continued from another teacher... "computer engineer bannu parne manche......" and the professor continued.. "you should take up the subject you are interested in, you should be a carpenter if you are good at it.. the only thing is you must be the best carpenter..." and our A.Professor said.. "Abish, I can recommend you to a best college for I

Those three lines..

My lappy was in coma since two weeks... Some Error 18 in GRUB which meant that therew was journal problem in the superblock of my partition... I tried everything, downloaded Gparted live CD, SuperGrub Disk.... But the two lines from Jwalanta did the magic... sudo debugfs /dev/sda1 rdump /home/abish /media/disk/recovered rdump /var/cache/apt /media/disk/apts I got all my files back and all the packages... then i installed a fresh ubuntu... sudo dpkg -i --force-depends *.deb was the next command that installed everything as it was... this is why people say.. "sunar ko 100 chot, lohar ko ek chot..."

Being FOSS-ified!

Since yesterday I am on 'FOSS Nepal' T-shirt, the gray color T-shirt with the TUX on the back. I have always loved 'adventure' in computers and I don't have to think twice to say that I am a 'super enthusiast' of Linux, a component of free and open source softwares. Jwalanta Shrestha was in Biratnagar and we caught him and asked him to talk about FOSS and linux in Dharan. He gave a wonderful presentation about the FOSS and Linux... (the best dialogue, Nepal is a free country doesn't mean 'Nepal sittai ma paincha' ) My linux knowledge has lots of dark areas which need some light.. and I am happy to explore... The support for people like me in Linux is really amazing, I get answers for my queries (even for the most stupid questions) immediately and that has impressed me a lot about the whole thing. I would be happy if I could be of any help to the new Linux users so that we have lots of Linux users around. This way I wont feel alone in the explora