Being FOSS-ified!

Since yesterday I am on 'FOSS Nepal' T-shirt, the gray color T-shirt with the TUX on the back. I have always loved 'adventure' in computers and I don't have to think twice to say that I am a 'super enthusiast' of Linux, a component of free and open source softwares.

Jwalanta Shrestha was in Biratnagar and we caught him and asked him to talk about FOSS and linux in Dharan. He gave a wonderful presentation about the FOSS and Linux... (the best dialogue, Nepal is a free country doesn't mean 'Nepal sittai ma paincha')

My linux knowledge has lots of dark areas which need some light.. and I am happy to explore...

The support for people like me in Linux is really amazing, I get answers for my queries (even for the most stupid questions) immediately and that has impressed me a lot about the whole thing.

I would be happy if I could be of any help to the new Linux users so that we have lots of Linux users around. This way I wont feel alone in the exploration of the vastness of Linux.

I am happy that I am FOSS-ified...


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