Opening Docx

I have always been a 'lobby' for Open Source Softwares esp Linux(Ubuntu).

My dad's computer has Office XP on Windows XP and recently he has been getting .docx attachments from his 'writers' around the world. And since the work has to complete and its already the 'eleventh hour', Microsoft's 'crypt' has to be decrypted asap, and here in my house my 'OpenOffice 2.4 on Ubuntu 8.04' helps.

There are other ways to do that too..

The best way for Windows users who have a version of Microsoft Office installed is to install the Microsoft compatibility pack for previous Office versions that adds .docx support in Microsoft Word.

The best approach for users that do not use Microsoft Office, including Mac and Linux users, would be to use one of the several online converters that convert docx files into doc.

Windows users could also download the Word Viewer application from Microsoft that opens .docx documents properly but cannot alter them.

But once again, OpenOffice 2.4 is free and can easily open the microsofts '.docx'.


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