Remember this scene from the movie 'Jane Tu...'

What is the 'thing' in Jay's hand which he is trying to share with Aditi?

Yes, its Toblerone...

I had watched this movie on a DVD around 4 times and I hadn't noticed the chocolate, but as I watched the same movie at the theater today, I could recognize the stick!

I love toblerone, and one of the reason is 'it's' presence on Dr. Bhagwan Koirala's table. (Thanks to the City Post)

I googled around to find that Toblerone was created by Theodor Tobler in 1908. He is possibly dead by now... but I always remember him when i see that chocolate. Mr  Tobler, may you rest in peace... :)


Neelam said…
There's an interesting thing I find about Toblerone. That's the pronunciation you pronounce it as "Tobloron" or "Tobler One (1)". I always try to find out how names get their form and you gave me answer about its first part.......why is "One" added after Tobler?

The first time I tasted this chocolate, I became a fan. Anyways you've researched to find out the person behind the chocolate ---- that's interesting.

Anyways, Aditi is not interested in Toblerone too.

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