Easy way to be safe from worms

Windows is being infected with so many 'vbs' worms these days ranging from semiantivirus.vbs to virusremoval.vbs.

Was thinking of the problem in the toilet..:P

found this solution...

1. create a folder called autorun.inf in the root of all the drives including your pendrive... believe me, no worms will infect your pendrive.

2. on the MS-DOS prompt, go to the pendrive eg: e: or i: and give the command :   attrib/s -s -h -r /d

3. now when you 'explore' your pendrive (not double click) you will see all the hidden and virus files. delete them easily!!


thanks said…
its just a cheap idea, must be some patch or some good stuff. trying to create a heck??
deeps said…
but it seems a simple way..must try it out..hey, by the way, i think your blog is a nice place to spend time. please put links to see all you have posted. please. i love going throuth this. it is simple and fun

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