Hibernating Windows

How do you hibernate your windows XP? (if you have enabled it from Power Options in Control Panel)

Either you Click the Start button, then 'Turn off the computer' then press shift and then Press 'Hibernate'!!


You in 'Turn off your Computer', you press 'H'


If you have edited your power options' Advanced tab, you can do it by pressing the power button..

I created a file for those lazy guys (like me) who want to do it just by clicking a icon in the desktop!

download http://www.parikrama.net.np/hibernate.lnk.abi and save it in the desktop. Now rename the file and remove .abi from the end to make it hibernate.lnk !!

Now, all you need to do is click the hibernate icon on the desktop to hibernate!!


Neelam said…
Abish I am really worried. Do you suggest your patients this way? I thought you were a doctor and talking about some worms that might affect our digestive system and all. You seem to be the first "certified medical computer doctor" trust me. What else should we do to our computer to remain healthy and fit?

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