Meeting Khum Dai

[caption id="attachment_113" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Khum Dai and Me"]Khum Dai and Me[/caption]

Yesterday, as I was talking to Khushbu about her DVD-ROM, some one called me by my name. He was a fair and thin guy on a white Tshirt that read 'NRT'. It took me a second and half to say 'aarey Khum dai!'
I knew NRT was on Nepal tour playing and training local teams and I he told me that they were in Itahari and was in Dharan for some personal work. We talked about lot of things, remembered those days when on that small ground, the standing brick used to be the target. We exchanged phone numbers and I promised to be there in Itahari to see his game.
Today, after finishing my appointments at the Primary Health Center, Itahari and wasting a few hours in the cyber cafe and Hazaam's, I along with Locan dai and Rishi dai went to Janata Campus' football ground. The game had already started and since we were so called 'Medical Team' were allowed to sit with the organizers and players. There he was, playing so smoothly and lightly. His swift moves were really amazing, though he didn't score in the game, he played really amazing.
The game finished with NRT winning by 3-2, and he said that the team will have the next game in Kawasoti, Nawalparasi..
Meeting him after so long was amazing, and felt great to know a football celebrity. Good going Khum dai, you can surely go way ahead.


Neelam said…
Good to know that you guys met each other in Itahari. I am a big fan of Khum and know that he really plays well. I have watched him play for MMC. As the league has been brought to halt due to whatever reasons, I have not got a chance to watch him play for NRT. He is touring Nepal that is he is keeping football alive and we're proud of him.
Neelam said…
I had met Khum this afternoon. He's back to Kathmandu after the All Nepal tour. It was nice talking to him after a long time.

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