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Texidor’s twinge

I was posted in medicine ward a few months ago. My ward had a few old heart patients who needed my active attention. As it was my night duty, I was at the bed side, reading an ECG when someone said, "Abish dai, mero ECG ra X-ray heri dinu na" He was my junior from 3rd year. He said he had a sharp chest pain on left side. All his 'medical' brain could think was myocardial infarction, a heart attack. I was least worried about him and was attaching the ECG machine on the old patient with 'significant' chest pain. He kept on waiting for a while seeking my attention. After sometime I asked him about his chest pain. He said it started half a hour ago, just below the left nipple and sharp piercing pain. He said it was very severe and couldn't take a deep breath. Though it lasted for 5 minutes, he looked really worried. I told him that it was nothing serious, and requested him to wait outside (the tone of my request was a little non-polite :P) He possibly felt ign

Sano Sansar

Watched Sano Sansar today. The last nepali movie I watched in a theater was 'Dui Kinara' in a old theater in Dharan after Khagendra found a dropped 50 rupees note and we didn't know how to spend it. It was 5 years back. I knew it was a different movie and since i had the most perfect company, I headed towards Guna Cinema. What makes a good movie? A good story, good acting, good visualizations and to add to it good music. Sano Sansar encompasses all these features in good amount. I knew that story plot was not very unique, but still I never had to look at my watch.The story telling is very good. Except for a few scenes, all the actors have delivered their part really well. Namrata and Karma prove themselves to be natural actors. Arjun Shrestha and Nir Shah in few scenes really 'read the script'. The most appreciatable component about Sano Sansar is its visualisation and cinematography. Kathmandu looks beautiful from Alok's camera, and he has successfully sh


I haven't been using microsoft windows since ages, but I have to, when someone has some problems with their system. I love solving problems in the computers, esp related to viruses. Simple codes(worms) of .vbs and .bat are so easy to heal that I love crushing them... but one day came W32/Sality, that infected Anish dai's laptop. W32/Sality is a virus that infects the portable executable files (.exe and .dll) in windows not even sparing windows system files... and then for obvious reasons, the system becomes unstable and crashes in no time. Besides that it also kills all the tasks related to antiviruses, so you aren't allowed to install or run antiviruses. It also disables Safe Mode, so error handling becomes really tough. So here I am, searching for some way to solve the problem.. and for now, I haven't seen any solutions except for going the hard way.. formatting and setting up the whole system again. Sleepless nights, long hours of searching for solutions, the fear of

Playing RMVB files in Ubuntu

RMVB is a new video format, claimed to have an excellent compression. It stands for Real Media Variable Bitrate.. By default your Mplayer doesn't play these files, nor does VLC. So, these steps make mplayer to play rmvb videos 1. Download Mplayer if you haven't yet (Synaptic Package Manager) 2.Go to and download the file according to your need. ( I downloaded AMD64 version, others probably need x86) 3. Extract the files in the package, for ease to Desktop and rename the folder anything easier to type. I renamed it 'essential'. 4. Go to Terminal (Applications, Acessories) 5. cd Desktop cd essential sudo mkdir /usr/lib/codecs sudo cp * /usr/lib/codecs 6. All the codecs are copied to where they should be.. now you can delete the folder in Desktop 7. Now your Mplayer can play your RMVB videos.. :)