Playing RMVB files in Ubuntu

RMVB is a new video format, claimed to have an excellent compression.
It stands for Real Media Variable Bitrate..
By default your Mplayer doesn't play these files, nor does VLC.

So, these steps make mplayer to play rmvb videos

1. Download Mplayer if you haven't yet (Synaptic Package Manager)

2.Go to and download the file according to your need. ( I downloaded AMD64 version, others probably need x86)

3. Extract the files in the package, for ease to Desktop and rename the folder anything easier to type. I renamed it 'essential'.

4. Go to Terminal (Applications, Acessories)

5. cd Desktop
cd essential
sudo mkdir /usr/lib/codecs
sudo cp * /usr/lib/codecs

6. All the codecs are copied to where they should be.. now you can delete the folder in Desktop

7. Now your Mplayer can play your RMVB videos.. :)


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