I haven't been using microsoft windows since ages, but I have to, when someone has some problems with their system. I love solving problems in the computers, esp related to viruses.
Simple codes(worms) of .vbs and .bat are so easy to heal that I love crushing them... but one day came W32/Sality, that infected Anish dai's laptop.

W32/Sality is a virus that infects the portable executable files (.exe and .dll) in windows not even sparing windows system files... and then for obvious reasons, the system becomes unstable and crashes in no time. Besides that it also kills all the tasks related to antiviruses, so you aren't allowed to install or run antiviruses. It also disables Safe Mode, so error handling becomes really tough.

So here I am, searching for some way to solve the problem.. and for now, I haven't seen any solutions except for going the hard way.. formatting and setting up the whole system again.

Sleepless nights, long hours of searching for solutions, the fear of losing data and the constant risk that I might not find all the drivers after I format.... hell lot of problems related to Windows..

That is the reason my friend I use linux... a little adventure and a lot of fun..


abish said…
I strongly recomment AVIRA free antivirus to protect yourself from Sality. Believe me Sality is really mean..
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