Sano Sansar

Watched Sano Sansar today. The last nepali movie I watched in a theater was 'Dui Kinara' in a old theater in Dharan after Khagendra found a dropped 50 rupees note and we didn't know how to spend it. It was 5 years back.
I knew it was a different movie and since i had the most perfect company, I headed towards Guna Cinema.
What makes a good movie? A good story, good acting, good visualizations and to add to it good music.
Sano Sansar encompasses all these features in good amount. I knew that story plot was not very unique, but still I never had to look at my watch.The story telling is very good. Except for a few scenes, all the actors have delivered their part really well. Namrata and Karma prove themselves to be natural actors. Arjun Shrestha and Nir Shah in few scenes really 'read the script'.
The most appreciatable component about Sano Sansar is its visualisation and cinematography. Kathmandu looks beautiful from Alok's camera, and he has successfully shown us the beauty that lies in the places we always see. St. Xaviers never looked like this before.
I think we all must go to the theater and watch this movie, so that better Nepali movies come up. We really need to appreciate this gem in between the potatoes :P.


Pawan said…
I watched this movie last night, and I was laughing all the time. What kind of movie is this? no story line, scene repeated again and again. lots of logic errors, and the acting of Nir shah, hahahaha, what the hell...

Only suitable for illiterate people. Director thinks that he has done a great job, but I think if the director copied some other movies from korean flicks then it would have been great to watch...

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