Texidor’s twinge

I was posted in medicine ward a few months ago. My ward had a few old heart patients who needed my active attention. As it was my night duty, I was at the bed side, reading an ECG when someone said, "Abish dai, mero ECG ra X-ray heri dinu na"

He was my junior from 3rd year. He said he had a sharp chest pain on left side. All his 'medical' brain could think was myocardial infarction, a heart attack. I was least worried about him and was attaching the ECG machine on the old patient with 'significant' chest pain.

He kept on waiting for a while seeking my attention. After sometime I asked him about his chest pain. He said it started half a hour ago, just below the left nipple and sharp piercing pain. He said it was very severe and couldn't take a deep breath. Though it lasted for 5 minutes, he looked really worried.
I told him that it was nothing serious, and requested him to wait outside (the tone of my request was a little non-polite :P)
He possibly felt ignored and went to take advice from someone else.
So what was the non-serious 'severe' chest pain?

Its a medical entity called 'Texidor's Twinge' aka Precordial Catch Syndrome. It is not mentioned in our text books but is fairly common among young age group. Its not dangerous and no treatment is needed. All one needs to do is take a very deep breath till a 'pop' happens.

Read more about this interesting condition at:Precordial Catch Syndrome in Wapedia


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