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Gynaecology: My experience

Ever since I had been posted in gynecology, dressing of bed number 8 used to be the most expensive task! Basant could trade it with a cup of coffee and a plate of momos. No one ever liked to change her dressings because she was a patient of foul smelling growth coming out of her vagina. It as amazing how this old lady, thin and very pale could wait for so long to come to the hospital with such a huge mass. It was more than 10X10X5 cms, a little more than 750gms. What worse would the decision be than to have twice daily dressing change for her. "Empathy makes a good doctor" is what our favorite professors used to say often. But I absolutely had no ideas how I was to empathize that. After initial stablisation for a week or so, Hanoon ma'am and the team chopped it off along with the uterus. I was 'doing a good job' holding the mass while she removed it. One day, I was assisting Nibedita ma'am in the OPD on the post-night-duty day. I was having a cooler time becau