Unlock Nokia 1110

I never knew Nokia cell phone's security was this lame. I have a Nokia 1110, which I had locked using the security code. Though my sister didn't know the code, the easily unlocked it.
You can try that too. Its really easy:
1. Use 2 hands.
2. Keep on pressing Unlock for around 2 seconds until you see press *
3. Quickly press *
haha! you successfully unlocked you nokia cell phone without the security code.


sanjith said…
Nice information ..I am here to share my idea about how to remove the security lock in your Nokia 1110 mobile ...If you forget the security code which you set to your Nokia 1110 then try default codes like 0000 or 1234 to reset your phone..If this codes didn't help to reset your phone then have a look at sites like Unlock-Free.com here they generate master reset code for your mobile model at free of cost ..Using this code you can reset your phone and assign new security code...

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