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You: i'm 26.m from mars. you ?
Stranger: hello asl?
Stranger: hahaha im from saturn
You: really?
You: thats too far.
You: want to come to mars to meet me?
You: lets hang out
Stranger: yeah def

Stranger: lets meet halfway at jupiter
Stranger: or we can visit neptune
Stranger: maybe mercury
You: mercury is too hot
You: jupiter would be fine.
You: lets meet after 45 million years :)

Stranger: k i like the extra gravity
Stranger: it brings out my best features
You: actually, my space ship doesnt have a good speed. its just 3 light years/hour :P
Stranger: man i feel you but that should get you through the solar system in a reasonable amount of time
You: ya. my space ship is getting older. planning to buy a new one.
Stranger: hmmm better call up nasa
You: it consumes a lot of iridium.
Stranger: ive been trying to develop a plutonium model
You: nasa sucks. sent my space ship for maintainence last month. didnt do any good
You: really. i can be your beta tester
Stranger: k i gotta get the safety features in place though
Stranger: thats a relatively minor detail
Stranger: not that important
You: ya. safety wont be a problem
You: my space ship can stand lots of pressure.
Stranger: what about temperature extremes?
You: though the radiation from iridium may harm a few.
Stranger: or low-pressure environments?
You: well. my space ship can easily travel upto mercury. but beyond that, it starts getting heated up
You: to check its limits, i took my ship to the deepest into the black hole, luckily came out safe
Stranger: hmm that was fortunate
Stranger: hey by any chance are you an engineer?
You: well, i'm a professor of nuclear aeronautics
Stranger: which would require an engineering background
You: well ya. i completed my engineering in 1886 AD. :P
Stranger: but you said you are age 26
You: well, i've invented a time machine as well.
Stranger: hahaha
You: i actually went to 1886 to get my degree. it was easier then :)
Stranger: seriously though, did you/do you study engineering?
You: seriously... i wish i did :D
Stranger: oh haha because you certainly think like an engineer
Stranger: im an engineering student myself so i would know lol
You: :) i am actually a doctor.
You: a medical doctor.
Stranger: at 26?
You: ya. is that impossible ?
Stranger: no but that seems younger than average
Stranger: are you in residence right now?
You: just finished my medical school. now working
You: well, not doing my masters yet. need to wait a few more years
Stranger: oh
Stranger: what country are you from
You: i'm from mars :P
Stranger: lol
You: setting up my country here. want to join ?
Stranger: can i get any fancy titles?
You: you get to create the boundaries.
You: am writing a code to an application so that we could set up the boundaries of the oceans too.
Stranger: cant we just colonize the entire surface since it is completely unclaimed?
You: that would be booring. just a single country.. nah..
Stranger: hmmm i guess so
Stranger: yo im pretty tired i think im gonna go to sleep soon
You: really?
You: it was fun talking to you
Stranger: yes it is very late at the present moment
Stranger: it was
You: first time in omegle found someone with matching frequency
Stranger: ill let you know how the plutonium model turns out
You: its not very often i talk more than 4 lines. lol
Stranger: hahahaha its that analytical mentality lol
You: sure. do sent me a sample.
You: :D
Stranger: haha okay good night man
You: good night man
You: sleep tight
You: sweet dreams.
You: btw its 2PM here.
Stranger: are you in europe or asia?
Stranger: well i guess youre on mars lol
Stranger: but im in the usa and it is 0430 here
Stranger: and im exhausted
Stranger: good night!
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Shrestha Jeewan said…
nice astronomy there
zoozoo4u said…
nice omegle trolling ever.. great share lol

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