The Dancing Girl - Incomplete

(I started writing this post in 2010. I was at Dharan and this story is of a roof top Holi celebration)

There she was, dancing to the tune of a Punjabi song, her face coated red and blue with the colors of Holi. I knew she was not drunk unlike most of us, but no one could tell the difference. She looked beautiful in almost all of her moods. Lovely eyes and a cute face...

I stood there holding a glass of beer, looking at her but didn't want to catch her eye.
I was wondering what was going through her mind dancing in between the drunk dancers.. each of them trying to hold her.. tight...

There was a rumor that she was just out of a relationship, that had lasted for many years. Maybe she wanted to forget the pain, may be she was trying to mix into the crowd and hide the loneliness..

(I really wanted to complete this post. I remember the moments, but the thoughts have faded away. She is married now and recently had a baby.)


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