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Why I became a Pescatarian ?

Pescatarians or Pesco-vegetarians are those who do not eat meat but eat fish. During the last International Cancer Day (February 4th), I was invited for a TV interview. There’s always a set of questions they ask to a cancer doctor - ‘What is Cancer ? What causes Cancer ? What treatment is available ?' and the other similar questions. Interviews make me nervous, especially when it goes live. I was rehearsing in my mind - the answers I’d give and was also reading the recent articles of cancer prevention. I came across this research paper published in American Medical Association's journal in May 1, 2015. A research paper written after following 96,354 Americans belonging to a certain sect over 7 years. Of the 77,000 who could be tracked, 490 had cancer of the lower intestine (colon/rectum). They analyzed the cancer patients among them on the basis of their food habits.They found out that people who ate meat were at the highest risk of having colo-rectal cancers co